Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Life is full of tough decision making process -1

I have not been posted my article for long time. And I apologize sincerely for the people who could follow my articles and commented many of them. There were several issues happening in my life and I needed to think deeply on what way I should go and how I could lead my family which includes my old mother who is 85 years of age.

I needed to think deeply if I should go back to Japan for taking better care of my old mother or should continue to stay in US. This decision making drove me crazy because I have spent a lot of time and effort to settle myself in US. Especially after my wife and I could buy our first house in California, this decision making process was tough.

I could not believe this is happening to me now, but for better selection of my future course, I visited Japan and China. I was in the middle of writing about a Japanese American family when I stopped posting my articles, but let me stop the story of Fujie for a while and let me start writing what happened to my family the summer in 2009.

I believe it will help some people having international background facing same kind of tough choices which I had. Also, again the decision making process was literally the process of "Filling the Missing Link".

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