Wednesday, June 2, 2010

3 Basics of Karate Defense Techniques

It was Karate Kid 4 that was titled "Next Karate Kid". The movie was about the master Miyagi taking and teaching his new student girl, Julie. As the master teaches her the basic defense techniques, their movement turned into dancing movement. Although Karate is not at all like dancing, it is true too that many Karate masters are good dancers. These Karate Kid series were better than Dragons or any other hard-boiled Karate movies, because they carry some true principles about Karate, as a form of martial art.

Despite that there is no change on the basics of basics of Karate defense that avoid a fight, runaway from a fight, and ask for help, there are unique characteristics about Karate defense.

As many Karate masters are good dancers as mentioned above, I know some achieved high performance in dancing contests. They say dancing movement is very similar to defense techniques.

This is true from 3 viewpoints.
1. A defense technique is not blocking strikes by applying a force from opposite direction. The defense base movement is to move to the same direction of an attack and weakens the power of strike.
2. In order to defend an attack, you do not need to use your force. You can use your enemy's force for attacking.
3. You do not have to move back or side too much. You are not going to be hit or kicked if they fell one-tenth inch (1/10") away from your body.

Let us examine one by one.

1. You move to same direction of an attack.
Suppose you are hitting a wooden board, first. If you hit hard, the wooden board will be broken. This is why the board was staying still in the same position and hit. Now, suppose you are hitting a willow tree brunch, which comes down, and float in the air. No matter how hard you hit it. It will not be broken like a wooden board. The willow brunch is moving to the same direction as your attack.

2. Do not use your force, use your opponent's force.
If you try to block an attack with your force, you need to have stronger force than the attack. Do you think you are the most powerful in the world? There is no assurance that your opponent's attack is not more powerful than your defense. If you use your opponent's force to move to the same direction as his attack, you do not need to be as powerful as your opponent. This is the mechanism less powerful people can defeat big and powerful opponents.

3. Keep just one-tenth inch away from the reach of attack.
No matter how powerful your opponent attack could be, if you are not hit, you are not damaged. Not to be hit, you do not have to be feet away from the attack reach. You keep in mind that you are safe, when your position is one-tenth to one inch (1/10 - 1 inch) away from the reach. You do not need to waste your energy jumping around to take your distance.

Now you have an image of defense. Keep same distance with your opponents and move to the direction of his movement. Relax and use no force. Do not you think it is similar to something? It looks really like dancing with your partner.

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