Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Supporting Message to Imperfect Action

As Mentioned in my previous articles and profile, despite that I hoped to continue to work in San Francisco, my previous employer sent me back to Tokyo. In past, I hoped to be sent back to New York where I spent younger days, my employer completely ignored my desire. Furthermore, I needed to be worried where I was sent when I was sent, how long. I answered back to my employer that I did not want to go gack to Japan. Then, they decided to release me (dump me) in that very moment.

I struggled to be hired again, but I could not be hired. It was middle of "dot com recession", and the business condition got worse in later part of 2001 after 9/11. I started my own company and came to learn that being emplyed and self-employed are totally different. Being self-employed, You need constant and quick actions. You do not have time to think if it is a mistake or not. Take action. Continue to take actions. Get it going!!!

It was about a month ago, I found this lady advocating "Imperfect action is better than no action." I perfectly agree to her concept. Please watch his base message.

Soon I decided to "Take Action" as said and uploaded the following my message:

Remember ex-employed ladies and gentlemen. "Imperfect Action is Better than No Action".

If you are a ex-employee, and if you have any problem, please feel free to contact me. Let's talk. Let's address our problems.

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Friday, October 3, 2008

EDC Diamond Training

I should have happy just to have Pay Button set. But, I was curious enough for further exploring what this EDC Diamond is doing. It sounded interesting.

So, I decided to attend the training. Wow, I was amazed. I was amazed by their passion, detail information, and their enthosiasm to make sure that participants are in the same page and participants all understood what they are talking about.

They are holding trainings almost everyday and almost all of them were recorded and available in their archive. They are usint their techniques themselves. So their information is never be outdated or obsolete. There are trainings on how to use Google, MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, etc, etc...

I firmly believe that you should sign up their "Free Trial" even just for experiencing their trainings. I am sure that you will be amazed like I was.

I will keep talking about them more in depth in several coming articles. But, for the people who hope to jumpstart learning. The followings are main links:

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