Friday, October 3, 2008

EDC Diamond Training

I should have happy just to have Pay Button set. But, I was curious enough for further exploring what this EDC Diamond is doing. It sounded interesting.

So, I decided to attend the training. Wow, I was amazed. I was amazed by their passion, detail information, and their enthosiasm to make sure that participants are in the same page and participants all understood what they are talking about.

They are holding trainings almost everyday and almost all of them were recorded and available in their archive. They are usint their techniques themselves. So their information is never be outdated or obsolete. There are trainings on how to use Google, MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, etc, etc...

I firmly believe that you should sign up their "Free Trial" even just for experiencing their trainings. I am sure that you will be amazed like I was.

I will keep talking about them more in depth in several coming articles. But, for the people who hope to jumpstart learning. The followings are main links:

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JosephDiego said...

Yeah, You've got! These guys mean business. EDC just seems to be getting better with time. And Craig is the Mastermind, So it seems. Now his wife "Giovanna" is giving the system a special edge. Anybody who is thinking of starting a home based business, Should really take a good look attend a couple of classes and see for them self.
Peace, Love, Health, Happiness and Massive Success.... JosephDiego

Hugo and Roxanne T. said...

Their training is phenomenal!! No other company can compare with its content and hands-on experience!! We couldn't agree with you more!! See you in the next training class.

Peter Baca said...

EDC has the best internet training on the net! No question! They are one of the few above board companies that allow you to look before you join! Most you have to join now! Those opportunities you need to pass up!

Best Regards

Pete Baca

Shaw said...

Dear Joseph:
Thank you for your comment. As mentioned in the article, I was amazed by the information of their training. I have never seen anything like that. Blogging, SNS, Internet Ads.... You name it, you have it. Updated informations, not obsolete. Keep catching up!!!

Shaw said...

Dear Hugo and Roxanne:

This is Shaw. Thank you for your comment. You are right. I love this interactive training method. Information is amazingly fresh and updated. This is Internet business. Same as "Sushi". If you keep watching and not eating for too long, it gets bad. But EDC Trainings serve always fresh "Sushi".

Shaw said...

Dear Peter:

Thank you for your comment. It is lucky to have EDC Training. Their trainings are must-see, must-experience stuff. I also love their archives. They are great stuff. I downloaded them to my iPhone to keep listening. They will change the use of Internet somehow.