Thursday, September 15, 2011

Is Super Natural Phenomenon a Part of Nature?

It was 1993 when the TV series "The X-files" started. The series was introduced in Japan on DVD in 1994. Japanese TV programs started to show the program in 1995. It became extremely popular and marked high viewing rates. The two movies of "The X-files" were successful worldwide. The X-files seasons and episodes vary. It includes UFO abduction, ghosts, exorcisms, and supernatural powers of people. The X-files deals with supernatural phenomenon. What is a supernatural phenomenon? What are paranormal activities? There are ghost stories all over the world. There is no country that does not have ghost stories. At the same time, there has been nobody who can prove there are ghosts.

How about religion? There is no country or ethnicity that does not have religion. I know there is a dispute about the existence of God. Agnostics do not care if there is a God. Atheists believe that they can prove that there is no God. Then where did the word God come from? Is it just I, who feels that disputing the existence of God itself, either agnostically or atheistically, at least acknowledges the concept of God, directly or indirectly?

When we think about words or concepts linguistically expressed, every language has some words that describe something that does not exist in the world where we live. I can pick some of them here. Absolute is one of them. This world consists of comparative existence. There is no absolute existence. However, human beings know the term absolute. What is the origin of the word? The other example is forever. There is nothing in this world that lasts forever. Why, and how, then did human beings acquire the term? Heaven and Hell are two of other such phrases. There has been no one who has been to either heaven or hell and returned. God and ghost are similar concepts.

Have you never had an experience when walking your dog at night where your dog reacted to something that you did not see? Have you seen your dog growling or barking at the darkness? You looked into the darkness, but you could not find anything. Although I cannot show or prove the existence of the objects that my dog was growling at, I cannot totally deny the possibility my dog was seeing something that I could not see. It would be easy to shrug it off and call our dogs too sensitive, or stupid. However, how can we conclude that they are not seeing something that we cannot see? I sometimes feel that supernatural existence is a part of nature. I cannot deny it even though I cannot prove it. Electricity was a mystery until Thomas Edison proved it. Many of these things may be proven to be a part of nature as time goes by.

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