Sunday, August 11, 2013

You Can Train Yourself to Be Happy

Human beings are born with emotions. Even newborn babies have their ability to express their emotions by smiling, laughing, and crying. Emotions from newborn babies are fresh, innocent, and admirable. They are straight to express their emotions to anybody and are not afraid of doing so. As babies grow, they encounter many things, good or bad. They learn how to maneuver their emotions for their favor. When they want their parent to buy them a toy, they beg, first, pout then, and cry if not satisfied.

At the same time, they begin to build a wall around them not to reveal their real sentiment. Young children, looking forward to a birthday gift, may be disappointed, because they are not getting something they wanted. They learn that their disappointment is big if their expectation is too much. They begin to control their emotion in the sense that they do not over-joy, not to be badly disappointed.

As they grow, it is inevitable to develop negative emotions. They may think, when they are happy, that they should be careful not to be over-joyful, because they know they might be disappointed if they are over-joyful. It seems that people become more negative than younger days, as they grow. As one gets old, he tends to believe that he was happier in his younger age. This seems to be the mechanism to cause negative sentiments.

Some people develop resentment, cynicism, skepticism, and depression. Instead, there are people who are always cheerful and happy. One may wonder why those people can be happy all the time. It may be their nature. They might have been born that way. Instead, however, they might have trained themselves to be happy instead of unhappy.

Even experiencing same occasion, one feels grateful, the other feels sad. A soldier, who lost his arm in a war, could be depressed by his loss. It is quite understandable. He could be, instead, however, glad he did not die in fighting, all because he lost his arm and sent back to hospital. Why does this difference happen? The ones who could be happy and grateful for the same occasion, which they experience, tend to train themselves to be glad and happy, consciously or unconsciously.

In the movie "The Matrix", Mophius explained to Neo that the feeling is only an electric signal which brain receives to feel. If one has negative circuit, he feels negative. If the other has positive circuit, he feels positive. Human beings are so well-built system that we can repair or rebuild our circuit in the way we want. If one trains his mind to feel negative, he becomes negative. If he teaches his head to respond positively, he drives him to be happy and positive person.

The training to make one happy person is quite simple. One can keep trying to take a look at the bright side of things. Every cloud has a silver lining. In one's saddest time or worst experience, one can pick something, which he can be grateful. It is easy to write this way, however. It is a different story if one can really do it. Again turning to the movie "The Matrix", it is as Oracle told Neo that knowing the path is different from walking the path.

The effective method of this training is to write "Gratitude List". If one keeps diary, he can use his diary to try this method. At the end of a day, we can open our favorite diary book and write about happy occasions we had on that day. One or two would be okay, but you can consider as many as possible. You need to think seriously what made you glad and happy. You may be able to use your PC or Blog, but some advised that hand writing is the best. In this way, your mind will be trained to look for happy matters and feel happy about whatever comes to your life.

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