Sunday, November 17, 2013

Do You Need Ex-Employment Help?

How do you feel if your company fires you after long years of your working for them? What do you think will happen next after you left your office you were familiar? You must be thinking who replaces you and who takes your office, and who will take over your works you once was so enthusiastically pursued.

You wonder what was all the effort you put in for your work, your company, even putting family matters aside. You might have taken next earliest possible flight for business trip leaving unhappy your family behind. How dear this company still could dump me!

I myself went through this experience in the process of being independent from my previous employer after 20 years of. I know personally how difficult it is. However, you should not be suffering from it too much. You need to know that it is your mind tricking yourself and torturing you. It is important for me to make sure that these people shall not suffer, go through all the pains, fell like meaningless trash of society. I would like you to enjoy the transit from employment to ex-employment.

Now, it is about the time to set your mental status of being ex-employed and enjoy the process. You can either try to find next job or go independent to be your own. You can be excited and enjoying the process of starting something new for you and your family.

If you decide to be a business owner who is ex-employment after long years of hard work for a company, you must have felt strong, ambitious, anticipating, rigorous, expecting all new challenges in front of you.

Yet, sometimes you feel depressed. You feel small, sad, lost, disconnected. Despite that you used to hate your employer, company, office, boss, you miss them. Feel isolated and lonely.

Even you feel only something worse will be coming after enough bad happened. You feel different in talking with people. You are afraid that people look down on you, laughing at you. You are afraid of calling, talking, taking challenges, though you were so much anticipated to be your own. I felt this way. It took me long time to got out of this kind of condition.

Your strongest supporter in your new business challenge is your family. But you cannot talk with your family about it because it will make your family feel unsecured. You hope that your family feels strong about you, don't you?

But, there is a solution to get out of this kind of depressed mental situation. You accept your problem and address it with people who you can trust. Get associated with the people who has same problem. Especially talk with someone who could overcome these problems. Remember 3 things:
1. It is your own mind which plays trick on you. If you redirect your mind, you can take a look at the bright side of the things.
2. Be straight and be honest to accept your problems. Everybody will have problems if they are put in your position.
3. Don't hesitate or feel ashamed to ask for help. Ask help for someone who you can trust. It is better if you can get help from someone who had same experience as yours.

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