Sunday, December 22, 2013

It's Christmas Once Again in San Francisco

Everybody would agree that San Francisco is a romantic place. Christmas is a romantic season. It would be why this city is harmonious with Christmas. San Francisco appears in several Christmas songs. Among Christmas songs of the city, the most popular and famous one is "Christmas in San Francisco". Several musicians sang this song. Many Blogs are writing about this song in different languages. They include English, Chinese, and Japanese.

It starts; "Christmas in San Francisco. What a lovely place to be! Seeing the hills being all lit up like a diamond Christmas tree." Looking up the hilltop on California Street from the lower side on Grant, Karney, or Montgomery, lighting illuminations of both sides of California Street are breath-taking.

The song continues; "Hearing children singing carols, people come from everywhere to sing along with the children standing all around Union Square." Though The Bay Area does not have snow in Christmas season around the year, it is common to see this kind of typical Christmas scenes. Friendly San Francisco residents like to join visitors to sing with children.

"Let's take a peek in Chinatown, eating lychee nuts and barbecued boar. What can you say about the Golden Gate that hasn't been said before." It sings San Francisco's favorite places for both visitors and residents. Chinatown is the perfect place to unwind with tea and dumpling. Golden Gate Bridge appears in its lyric as a spectacular marvel.

The song enters into its ending with the lyric; "Christmas in San Francisco. There is no place quite so dear. It's the closest thing to heaven. How I wish that you were here." San Francisco is a romantic place to stay in Christmas. If one were with your spouse, partner, lover, boyfriend, or girlfriend, the city would be cheerful, enjoyable, and colorful place. Even one were alone in the city, like this song, the city would be warm, kind, and sympathetic to your loneliness.

Visitors can enjoy Christmas in San Francisco no matter where they are visiting. There are several places that visitors do not want to miss. The one on the top of the list is "Union Square". In addition to the world-famous Christmas tree in the square, Macy's dresses up with Christmas illumination. Tiffany's, Newman Marcus, Levis, and shops decorate their windows with colorful and glittering lighting. Decorations in hotels are extraordinary. Hotels, such as Westin Saint Francis, Handlery Union Square, Villa Florence, Grand Hyatt, or Hilton, all of them compete each other on their unique decorations. Either visitors or residents enjoy Christmas in this city.

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