Sunday, January 12, 2014

Importance of Being Determined

There are several factors to be happy in our lives and successful in business. Stability of mind is one of them. Sense of balance is another one. Strength of mind is essential factor as well. There are several movies even not serious ones, which talks about how mentality affects our lives and business. I watched Karate Kid several times. Not only because I practice Karate, but also because there are several elements that the movie can convey. Importance of Determination is one of them clearly shown in this movie in my opinion.

Going to details of the movie will be avoided other than related parts. The boy, Daniel, was sensitive type high school kid. Other strong and big guys looked down on him and punching, kicking, tossing him around. He did not like it. But he could not help accepting them because he knew that he could not fight against them. He visited Karate Dojo, but he could not join the school. He could not have enough courage.

It is not my main point of this article, many Karate masters who I know were like him when their school days. They did not like themselves being fooled by others due to the weakness, smallness, shortness, and they hated themselves to be coward. That is why they determined to practice Karate, train themselves, and being strong. Their motivation was first to effectively fight against those who fooled them. But later they change their purposes to defend themselves and family as Karate spirits gradually melt into their brain and spine.

Let us go back to the boy. One night, he was surrounded by these big guys and beaten up to the extent that he could be hospitalized. Master Miyagi appeared and defeated all big boys and saved the boy, Daniel. Mr. Miyagi is not big guy and he looked like just an ordinary old person. Daniel was impressed by Master Miyagi and asked him to teach Karate.

Mr. Miyagi was reluctant firstly. Karate is not for fighting back. It is only for defense. Finally Master Miyagi accepted his desire and told the boy that he will teach Daniel Karate. Here is the scene. Next morning Master Miyagi asks Daniel if he is ready. He answered, "Maybe". Master Miyagi told the boy it is wrong answer. He continues that he is safe if he walks on the right side of a road. He is safe If he walks left side of the road. But he will be soon or later run over by a car if he wonders around in the middle of the road (without deciding right or left). Master Miyagi further continues, "If you do not do Karate, you are safe. If you do Karate, OK. But if you do Karate, may be, it is like walking the middle of the road. Soon or later you will be run over and killed.

I was impressed by this lesson. Is there any thing we do not do with absolute determination in our lives? Is not it the reason why we do not succeed doing it?

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