Monday, September 29, 2008

Web-based Service Trend

As I mentioned in my article before, it seems to me that use of internet changes every 2-3 years. about 5 years ago, it was just e-mails I mostly use. Websites were great to get information, but not for use. Then, e-Commerce came into shape of internet business. First not so many people believed in it worked. There were scams and frauds in its operation. People used to say they never know what kind of company you are dealing in e-Commerce.

Later, Web-auction came. People started to use it as a replacement or supplement of their "Garage Sale". People started to love the services which can be provided in internet.

Now people download musics, movies, 60 minutes, from Internet, trying to find least expensive book from the net after they checked in a book shop. My time spent with e-mails were greatly replaced with working time with Internet-based services.

Great service are free now thanks to the competitions. For example, I am writing this blog free. If I wanted to have a blog like this and now own e-mail system attached to my blog and website, it must have costed me a fortune, including major investment for own server.

Still there are large gap between what people want and what Internet-based services can provide. People do not realize it since human beings tend to live with what we could get and more or less being satisfied with them.

Aren't you jailed in your system presumption like this?
Free your mind to fly!!

For example, it was half a year ago, I tried to set click downloading and payment receiving system of the software I carry in my website and/or blog. I inquired several major system builders how much I need to invest to have that kind of capability. I do not mention here who replied but among 5 companies 4 American, 1 Japanese, answered me that I needed to spend more or less 10K$. I could not afford to it. So, I had almost given it up.

Then, this company, last one among 5 I mentioned above, got back with me that I can build this capability with poketful of money of less than 1,000 dollars. It was "EDC Diamond".

I will talk about them more in depth in several coming articles. But, for the people who hope to jumpstart learning. The followings are main links:

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