Sunday, August 29, 2010

Feel the Natures Heeling Power

I have not posted my article for a long time.  A quite little thing affected my activities. My activity level was all down.  I could not have even felt posting new articles.  Quite fortunately, in my case this time, small encounter got my energy back.  Although I thought stop writing any article, now I think that I can continue to write.  Let me start all over again.

I may write about what made me depressed and down to the extent that I did not even feel writing articles later on, depending on when, why, and how I feel like writing about it.  I hoped to share the reason I could start to write again.  It was not a doctor, nor therapist, nor hospital, even not a consultant.  It was flowers in my home's back yard.

I learned that a human being could be depressed by a tiny cause.  At the same time, he could recover from trivial thing in his surroundings.

Please take a look at the flowers:

These are flowers we did not have in the back yard last year.  I do not know how they came in.  Once I found them, however, I needed to take care of them.  Giving them waters make sure that bugs were not damaging them, and so on.

I found, then, my thinking, stagnated once, started to be active centered on flowers.  As my thinking become active, my physical activities started to be positive and energetic.  It became action oriented.

There are 3 things I learned from flowers:
1.  Interacting with natures could affect one's thinking to be positive and active.
2.  When one feels depressed, touch, feel, interact natural life can change his mood.  Nature can give us positive thinking.
3.  Once started to positive and active, one can be continue to be active and more active by keep taking actions.

This time was flowers.  I believe that interacting with animals or pets can give us positive thinking, too. 

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