Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Even If You Should, What If You Cannot?

Have not you had an experience that your boss asked you almost physically impossible business request. It is not "Mission Impossible" or "Challenge". It is more or less "unreasonable business request". It is like your boss asks you to have a trip to New York, at the same time attend the meeting in San Francisco. If you do not have an unreasonable boss, you are lucky.

They were not that much unreasonable like the above, but I have come across lots of unreasonable business requests from my management. 7:30 Thursday evening, my boss came to me and asked my team to finish 50 pages of business summary by Friday morning. Here is another example. My boss kept calling me every day to my hotel, when I had a business trip to overseas for about a month. Call came in 4:00 in the morning. He asked me to turn in a daily report. He checked they were ready waking me up 4:00Am in the morning, when my average of sleeping was less than 4 hours.

Was it just a lousy luck for me to have these kinds of bosses? Bosses make this kind of unreasonable request to their people. It is supervisors' function to check if it is impossible. The reality is you do not like this kind of test. You are too busy on this. You could be killed if you sincerely keep obeying these kinds of requests. In several years, you develop your rule. Whenever your boss asks you to exist both in New York and San Francisco at the same time. You answer, "Hey boss, even I should, if I can not, I simply can not."

You may keep carrying this principle as long as you keep your job. In a real office environment, you may not directly say this to your boss in the way above, but more or less you need to protect yourself, your people, and your family this way.

I carried this principle for more than 20 years of working for my former employer. It has worked for protecting my people, my family, and me. It was 10 years ago when I became independent. Being self-employed, I needed to change my opinion.

First of all, "should" or "can" would be depending all on how you define the action. There were lots of entrepreneurs who could have changed impossible possible and became successful.

Secondly, whenever you started to think it was impossible, your thinking stuck there and would not move ahead for making it possible. It might not have been impossible. Your brain made it impossible.

Finally, when you have 2 or more choices, the choice you are pushing out might have been the better choice than the one you are choosing. You will never know until you try it.

Now, my opinion is that we can think if there is any way to make the impossible possible. If you cannot do 2 things at the same time for physical limitation such as time or distance, you should think to try both for sequence or different time so that you would not lose the chance to judge both.

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