Sunday, November 14, 2010

2 Common Practices of Successful People

All the people read biographies and autobiographies of famous and successful people. Successful people are such as Thomas Edison, George Washington, Matma Gandi, Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs. Knowing all these brilliant people, there are commonalities in their practice, which seems to be keys to be successful. They are not complicated. They are simple. They are not impossible to practice. They may be not easy to practice, however.

The followings are the 2 common practices of successful people:

1. They listen to others.

2. They have selected persons to whom they can listen.

Liu Bang was the first emperor of Han Dynasty, China in the 1st Century BC. Han Dynasty was the second kingdom of unified China, after Qin Empire. He founded Han Dynasty by conquering Qin Dynasty. He was born in a peasant family in 256 BC. He is the only emperor in the history of China, who was originally from a peasant family.

In his young days, he was just a lazy young man hanging around with his friends in a city. He did not like reading. He did not study. He did not practice martial arts. When his teacher gave him a book on military strategy and logistics, he told his master it is boring and threw out the book. Only one notable was he was always with his friends, who loved him. Those friends are ones who could die for him.

Later he participated in a private army against Qin Dynasty with his friends. He became an officer of a squadron. Despite that Xian Yu, Liu Bang's rival, was strong in martial arts and kept winning against Qin Dynasty armies, Liu Bang's squadron lost several times.

Liu Bang thought about the battle result. He stopped thinking by himself and started listening to his friends. He found he had lots of talented friends. Zhang Liang was a brilliant strategist who could maneuver his army front and could win a battle, without moving in his headquarters. Han Xing was a brave general, who won the final battle. Xiao He was an old friend of Liu Bang. Xia He could stabilize politics after Liu's troops occupied territory. Instead, his enemy could not keep the occupied area due to poor policies, the region where Liu acquired was stable and obedient, thanks to Xia He took policy to protect the people.

These people were happy to be subordinates of Liu Bang and gave valuable advices to him. They helped Liu Bang's decision-makings. Liu became an Emperor not because he was capable, but because these capable people supported him. Liu Bang should be grateful that he listened to them.

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