Wednesday, November 10, 2010

5 Stages of Mastering Process

People use expressions such as "I see", "I know", or "I understood". Understanding process seems to be a little bit more complicated than people think. More precisely, there are 3 stages for a person to understand something fully.

1. He sees it. He hears it. He reads it. He feels it.

2. He thinks about it. He uses his words to think about it. He gives his own opinion to it.

3. He tries to do as he sensed it. He tries to explain the same to others as he heard it.

If he could do as he saw, he would have understood it. As well, if he could explain to others as he listened or read, he might have understood it.

Even if he could explain in the way he saw, listened, or read, if he could not make himself understood, he might not have understood it, yet. Here is a trick of understanding. There is one more stage one needs to add to the above. It is a status, "He thinks he understood. Still he did not understand exactly." In this stage, the one needs to use appropriate words or thoughts. He may need to discuss the matter with more other people than he already tried. This will be the 4th step. The entire process consists of 1) Sensing, 2) Interpreting, 3) Conveying, and 4) Interacting. The 4th stage is as follows:

4. He needs to interact with it.

Understanding process would end by going through the above 4 steps, if he fully understands it. Usually, after he has gone through all 4 steps, he needs to go back to the step 1) to repeat the same process. It is the mastering process. One can master something by repeating this process. Now, the 5th is:

5. He needs to repeat the above.

Let us examine in the example of Karate. It was the first story of the movie, "Karate Kid". The master Miyagi asked Daniel if Daniel was ready to start Karate. Daniel answered; "I guess so". Master Miyagi did not like his answer. Master Miyagi explains to Daniel in his words. If he does Karate, he is walking the right side of a road. He would be okay. If he does not do Karate, he is walking the left side of a road. He would be safe. He+ would be okay. If he guesses to do Karate, it is as he is walking in the middle of a road. A car would run him over, soon or later. It is dangerous.

It is also true that nobody can avoid this process. Everybody learns and masters any art or skill by going through "Guess So" stage and making mistakes. What is noteworthy is one should be aware his stage. Is one in mastered stage or mastering stage? If one feels he is still in mastering stage, he always has some danger making mistakes. If one feels he would never complete mastering process, he would be safe to be humble in mastering stage.

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