Sunday, December 5, 2010

Can Woman Power Revive Lost Japanese Energy?

It has been a while since people started to say that Japan is not as powerful as before. In comparison to new emerging countries, such as China, India, or Vietnam, who are alive and kicking, Japan's birth rate keeps going down. Young Japanese lost their ambitions. They are not interested in overseas' activities like generations before. Its politics are going nowhere. Once challenging Japanese enterprises, which had played a key role in Japanese economic growth, did not seem to have new marketing strategy. Honestly, China is more active in hosting Beijing Olympic, Shanghai Expo, and other international events. India suffered early part of 2000 from so-called "dot-com company recession". More than 10 million Indians were deported back to India from the US, according to a source.

World Class Economic Analysts were talking about the decline of Japanese economy and power. Unless Japan takes an action against decreasing population and working force, demographically, it is inevitable that Japanese economic power will decline, according to their articles. It was not so long ago when Japan was famous for enthusiastic and motivated. The book, "Japan as Number One" was published in 1979. Michael Keeton's movie "Gung Ho" was released in 1986. All the people in the world hoped to learn Japanese language. Everybody loved Sushi. Rocky Aoki became famous as the founder of the world-famous restaurant, Benihana. Traveling all over the world, a Japanese could feel proud to be a Japanese.

Only United Airlines used to have 3 direct flights to Tokyo a day, in later 1980's. Including other airlines, there were so many flights to Japan. Now United flights go to Beijing and Shanghai flying over Tokyo. Did Japan lose its vitality and energy? It appears that Japan is in transit of changing key players. Taking a look at those active in Facebook, for example, the member can find so many Japanese women entrepreneurs registered and active. This tendency is similar in other leading Japanese Social Network Sites. Keywords seem to be "women", "entrepreneur", and "new business concept".

Women business persons do not adhere to an old concept of business. They enjoy anything what they do as their own business. Therefore, they are alive and active. They introduced so many new concepts. They are aroma therapy consultant, cell phone decorator, horoscope-based business adviser, nail dresser, gardening contractor, or farming instructor. There are varieties of business from Flower Arrangement to Floor Decoration.

They are the ones who will revive the vitality and energy of Japanese society and economy. The ancient authorities and old concept of business and society shall not kill their idea, concept, and activities, simply because they are different from what used to be.

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stefhen bryan said...

thats exactly what i argued in my book, "Black Passenger Yellow Cabs: A Memoir of Exile and Excess in Japan."

Japan is like an ostrich: it sticks its head in the sand, as a solution to problems.

Shaw said...

Dear Stefhen,

Thank you for your comment. Now Japan seems to face the largest problem in its modern history. It can no longer keep its head in the sand hoping it goes away during doing so.

Thanks, again.
Shaw Funami
Fill the Missing Link

Heather said...

I have been thinking about this a lot these days and I see I wasn't wrong.

But I don't know about woman power, it seems to me that the problem is so much bigger than that.

Shaw said...

Hello Heather

Thank you for your comment. You are right that the problem is more complicated. The largest problem is absence of leader who address the problem. I think women today are in the closest position to address it.

Shaw Funami
Fill the Missing Link