Saturday, December 25, 2010

Teaching Is the Best Method of Learning

When one belongs to a company organization of medium or large-scale, employee number between one hundred and three hundred, his company may have a self-education system. This method decides one of their employees to be an instructor. All employees come up with a subject in which they wanted the selected instructor to lecture. They meet after hours or one weekend the selected instructor gives them a speech and they discuss the theme.

This lecture discussion usually has the following time schedule:

1) 30 minutes of presentation by the instructor.
2) 45 minutes of question and answer between audience and the presenter.
3) 45 minutes of discussion under the decided theme.

Themes can be anything. If selected by employees, it can be a subject such as; "how to improve productivity", "how to reduce production failures", or "how to improve teamwork spirit'". If their management gives them a theme, topic can be; "what is competitive position of our products in the market place", "what is the newest technology available and how the products can be benefited or harmed", or "how the company can improve customer relationship".

The first constructive speech is the most difficult to be prepared. It can have structure like the following:

1) Current position review and update
2) Problems or needs to be solved.
3) Plan for improvement and evaluation after the introduction of their plan.

Companies adopt the self-education program for improvement of in-house communication and teamwork. It is intended to enhance employees' knowledge base and brush up communication skills.

The question is who would be most benefited by this program. The employee audience who can acquire new knowledge and their colleague's opinion? The company and management who can obtain more knowledgeable and skillful workers? The answer to this question is that the person who benefited most by the self-education program is the one who was selected to be the instructor.

The person, once selected to be the instructor, needs to research and study about the subject given or volunteered. Since the selected instructor does not know who, in the audience, is knowledgeable about the theme, he needs to conduct through research and analysis. He cannot tell the audience what he is not clear. After his research and analysis, the one needs to establish his speech. He needs to consider, decide, and write down what he hopes to convey in his speech. He needs to choose the best way he believes to be effective to delivery. Lastly, he needs to practice his speaking. If he did not speak clearly, all he prepared would be in vain. By the time he became comfortable giving his presentation, he would be a semi-professional on his theme. Teaching is always the best learning method.

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