Thursday, January 13, 2011

Enjoyment of Cruise Voyage

What is the only world common language, which everybody, no matter what country, race, skin color, or languages he or she carries, can understand? It is "Smile". People make all effort to have others smile. One may hope to make his family smile. The other may want to make his customer smile. Human history was always with people's smile. It may not be an exaggeration to say that one of an important factor for people to live is to smile and make others smile.

Changing the air makes people happy and smile. This cruise tour to Mexican Riviera is the one, which makes you smile. This American favorite leisure trip is not so popular for Japanese. Some of them think it must be expensive. The other thinks it is for retired people. People may not be able to take a long enough vacation to take cruise trips, which are at least a week. Many of them take two weeks or one to two months.

However, many cruise trips are not so expensive. A family, who can spend two to three thousand dollars for a vacation trip to Hawaii or California, can afford to a cruise trip for a week-long. Many retired people enjoy cruise trips. It is true. The passengers of the trip, however, are not just retirees. There are varieties of people who one can meet. It is part of the journey's enjoyment.

There is a cruise start around end-October or early November to travel to Mexican Riviera. The schedule includes interesting Mexican resorts such as Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Zihuatanejo, Extapa, and Acapulco. On top of these resort places the ship is visiting, the amusement of cruise is enjoying the facility and entertainment of the cruise ship.

When the ship is docked on the starting port, travelers have almost ten hours to board their ship. Even during docking, travelers can enjoy the facility of their ship. Many in ship restaurants are open. Coffee shops are open. One may enjoy movies or games provided by cruise staff. Passenger can relax lying on the bench on poolside. Pools are available before the ship starts its voyage. Yes, there are two or three pools usually. It is not just one pool.

If one's ship starts from San Francisco, the first entertainment will be enjoying views of San Francisco city. The ship goes across the San Francisco Bay north sailing under Golden Gate Bridge. Sunset on the Pacific Ocean is breathtaking, as well.

The ship cruises three full days on the ocean to arrive at the first port of Cabo San Lucas. Do not worry about being bored. The crews and staff will provide travelers of enough entertainment including Bingo games, movies, theatrical plays, or attractions. If one likes gambling, he can gamble for the entire trip in their Casino. Buffet restaurants are available twenty-four seven. Whenever one feels hungry, he can eat. Formal restaurants are open five o'clock in the afternoon. The traveler can order the main course dishes as many as he wants. A friend of mine ordered three dishes of Escargot one night. He ordered two dishes of Osso buco for the dinner next day. Foods and soft drinks are included in the price one pays beforehand. It is better to eat as much as possible.

Nightlife in cruise is fantastic, too. There are bar and disco open all night. Right after information meeting between cruise staff and passengers, they hold attraction shows such as circus acrobats, theatrical plays, comedy shows, or serious drama.

If one were thinking about cruise trip, he would try it. He would never regret it.

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Shaw .. glad you and your wife are having fun and enjoyed the cruise .. it sounds a great thing to do.

Cheers Hilary

Shaw said...

Dear Hilary,

Thank you for your comment. First I was reluctant to go. Too busy, the cruise is for retired people, and so on. But I was glad I went. Sorry it took me to write about our cruise.

Thank you, again!
Shaw Funami
Fill the Missing Link