Saturday, January 8, 2011

Even a Hunter Does Not Kill a Bird Who Flies Into His Arms

Sean was a website creator. One day he received a phone call from his Japanese friend, Jiro. Jiro wanted Sean to work on his website. Although Sean did not like the pay was not so high, he agreed to work on Jiro's website for his friendship. Sean started work on Jiro's site based on Jiro's specifications. He thought it was not hard. It was 10 pages site. Sean finished the first draft in several weeks. He showed it to Jiro. Jiro did not like his design. Jiro asked Sean to take a design review with his web designer. Sean called his contact for design review and modified the site according to the advices from a designer he had known.

Jiro did not approve Sean's modification. Jiro still did not like the design. Sean was a little upset. He was not paid so much that he was treated like this by Jiro, he thought. Sean prepared his email to Jiro. His email even mentioned that his contract obligation did not bind him to keep modifying Jiro's website, spending for continuous design review. Sean held the website's domain name. He had set the hosting service for the website. Sean thought he would have stopped doing the site for Jiro. Sean could refuse to transfer Jiro's domain names and take down the site.

Sean was wondering why Jiro was not satisfied his web design. Sean had known Jiro to be nontechnical sales manager of semiconductor products. He looked into Jiro's profile. He found Jiro graduated from design academy. Jiro was a designer in his academic background. Sean also found that Jiro's daughter was working for a number one web designer company in Japan. Instead, Sean learned web creation from his necessity for his own website.

Sean thought for a couple of days. He called Jiro. Sean told Jiro that he needed to admit that his web design did not meet Jiro's criteria and expectation and apologized for it. He told Jiro that he did not Jiro studied design. He admitted that he learned web creation from necessity and never studied in-depth. Sean asked Jiro to teach him and guide him to complete Jiro's site. Jiro was laughing. He told Sean he would ask his daughter if she had a suggestion. Sean did not lose the project. He did not damage his relationship with Jiro.

A Japanese saying goes, "Even a hunter does not kill a bird who flies into his arms." With or without knowing, Sean practiced these words of wisdom. Martial Arts teach trainees there are only two safe zones in fighting. One is far position from his enemy so that his enemy cannot reach him to attack. The other is skin touching close to his opponent. If too close, one's opponent cannot attack him even the opponent wants to attack. If you need to address difficult situation, this might be noteworthy advice.

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