Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our Daughter Xuer became 2 years old - 2

Mega earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Plant problem are hitting Japan.  I believe that we should not forget relaxation of this kind of time.  I decided to post three more pictures of our dog, Xuer.

I wish these pictures would be able to bring some relaxation and smiles to the people who are suffering.

Xuer wearing all  of her favorite.

She was asked to "sit and stay".  That is why she looks a little tensed.

She looks like a white fox in these pictures.

White fox is a part of God in Japanese Shinto Religion.

I learned recently that a white dog also carries a spiritual power to protect good from evil.

Our family including Xuer, with spiritual power, would like to send our best wishes to the people who are suffering from recent mega earthquakes in Japan.

With regard to Xuer's mysterious spiritual power, please refer to the following posts:

Anyone who needs his/her urgent message to be translated, in relation to the recent mega earthquake in Japan, please use #honyaquake found in twitter.


任何人需要翻译他/她的紧急消息,与最近的日本大型地震相关,请使用 #honyaquake

Cualquier persona que necesita que su mensaje urgente sea traducido, en cuanto al enorme terremoto reciente en Japón, por favor use el #honyaquake

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