Sunday, May 29, 2011

Which Country Is Kind to Dogs, US or Japan?

An Indoor Dog Park is opened in Japan, I have heard a while ago.  I have noticed that there is a difference of approaches to pets between US and Japan.  However, it is nice surprise to learn that Japanese attitude toward animals and pets are improving.  Although US situation for pets are not totally friendly, Japan was more or less worse.  I hope Japanese people more conscious and awaken about their pets and the animals we live with.

I have never heard that there is a dog park in Japan, but the indoor one opened recently looks nice including indoor dog run ground and cafe in which dog owners can enjoy eating with their favorite dogs.  I do not buy the admission is $10, because dog parks in here in US are free admission.  Still it is good going that some Japanese people are aware of their dogs' amusement and health.

One another thing I see a difference between Japan and US is that there is "No Wild Dog or Unleashed Dog" wondering around in cities in Japan.  Here in Hayward, I occasionally come across dogs wondering around unleashed and unattended.  If a wondering dog was found in Japan, he would be taken immediately.  It is why there is no non-attended and non-leashed dog found in Japan.  It is interesting to know that even the treatment of dogs have a difference in different countries.

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