Thursday, August 4, 2011

Zen Story

Zen became one of main streams of Buddhism in China in 6th century. The form sitting both legs crossed is famous worldwide. This style of sitting was not invented in China. It was there since Yoga in India. Chinese priest, Daruma, used this sitting form in 6th century. He was against King that time and put in jail. He kept himself sitting for 9 years and lost both arms and legs, but he gained ultimate status of mind and opened his Buddhism, Zen.

Zen teaches that anybody can reach ultimate status of mind if one trains him. Origin of Kung Fu is Zen. Kung Fu is dynamic style of training, while Zen meditation is static. World famous meditation started from this Buddhism. Because it asks people train themselves, this was well adopted by Samurai people in Japan in 15th - 17th century. It is under Zen philosophy Samurai believed to die or to live should have the same meaning if meaningful. Later, Zen philosophy became one of key principle of Bushido, doctrine of Samurai.

Although Zen was undoubtedly adopted and known by people all over the world by its powerful meditation practices, there is a part of Zen, which is not well-known. It is brain training. If one is interested in Asian Philosophy, readers might have heard "Everything is nothing. Nothing is everything". It is difficult to understand for modern ordinary people. There are reasons for Karate, Kendo, and Martial Arts Trainings to seek for ultimate master status to Zen Spirit.

It is extremely profound philosophy, which makes one think in-depth and length. Zen seeks for the ultimate status of mind to be blank and pure so that one can accept everything like a baby, but at the same time, to be separated from any influence that accompanies pain, agony, fear, and anger.

A famous ancient Japanese Zen priest said that the fire burning him would not be hot, since he controlled his mind so that nothing could affect him. This brief statement conspicuously shows the ultimate status for which Zen is seeking.

The other famous statement of Zen world is; "Everything is nothing. Nothing is everything." There is millions of interpretation on this statement. The fact is there is no correct interpretation, at the same time. Think about Roman Empire, Mongolian Kingdom, Third Reich, and Japan Pacific Empire. Historically, they were there prosperous and powerful. They looked like imperishable. All of them have gone now, however. They perished as if they did not exist at all. Still it does not mean all human society has gone. It is still there. In this sense, this statement is quite right when we take a look at history from time length. They were there, then. They are not here, now.

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