Thursday, August 11, 2011

My FB Page, "CrossCultureSquare" gained more than 500 "like"s

My Facebook Page, "Cross Culture Square", based on my website "Cross Culture Square", has passed 2 months since its launch, in June.  I provide links and image of the page below, but you can easily search in Facebook by keyword of "CrossCulturalSquare".

The purpose of this page was to promote and sooth the communication between different cultural background.  I hope it would help promoting not only communication, but also understanding, further the spirit of helping each other in cross-cultural community.

Although I had prepared this page for months, it was officially launched and shared in my own Facebook wall last Wednesday, June 8th.  The third day from the launch, 25 people liked it, and could formally named it "CrossCultureSquare".  Although the page has short history of about one week and still not so many posts, it gathered "likes" in 7 days.  Now I am pleased to inform you that people who "like"ed this page went over 200.  How are people in the world today conscious about communication over cultural difference and gaps.

Actually, the number of people who "like"ed this page continued to grow and it is over 512, today.  I would like to express my hearty appreciation to the people who gave me "like" on the CrossCulturalExchange FB Page for past 1 week.  Also deep gratitude for people who have written on the wall and gave me messages.

There were many impressive messages to the "CrossCulturalSquare".  Here is a message from Joseph in New York.  He said "Understanding and respecting each others cultures leads to better friends all over the world."  Akira of Japan wrote "5 Elements may or may not be all.  But I think "discussing" itself would promote cross-cultural understanding.  It would also deepen "respecting" and "understanding" the different culture."  I agree with both gentlemen.  Thank you, Joseph and Akira.

I cannot thank enough for your help.  I will do my very best not to disappoint you on my operation in CrossCultureSquare.


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