Sunday, February 12, 2012

Why Does Not a Chimpanzee Commit Suicide?

Approximately one million people die every year in Japan. Some people die due to their sickness. Some die from accidents. Some others commit suicide. Almost thirty thousand people commit suicide a year in Japan. In other words, one person commits suicide in every 17 minutes. Why do people commit suicide? There are various reasons for people to kill themselves, such as money problem, health problem, lives' hardship, family problem, or relationship problem. They kill themselves from their depression and desperation arising out of these reasons. They think they are useless. They lose meaning of lives. They feel helpless. They become hopeless. The question is why only human beings become despair and commit suicide.

There was an article in Japanese newspaper. The article was entitled; "Why are only human beings despaired?" The article talked about an interesting story on a chimpanzee kept in a research institute, in Japan. The chimpanzee's name is Leo, 28 years old. It was May 2006 when Leo became sick with bone marrow infection. His body was totally paralyzed other than his head. He lost his appetite. Administers needed to give him an intravenous drip injection for keeping him alive. His weight once was over one hundred pound, dropped being seventy pounds.

He could not move his body at all. He stayed still in bed. He developed severe bedsore. People felt pity on him. They considered putting him to sleep. They could not do it, because he was conscious. He looked enjoying to interact with staff. He reacted when he was called. Leo was not depressed or despaired.

The Japanese article analyzed why Leo was not despair when he was seriously sick. They believe that a chimpanzee does not compare him with others or himself in the past. Leo did not have the sense of envy, grudge, or misery. He was not depressed or despaired thinking about his past or future. The past is history and tomorrow is a mystery to Leo. He was not envious, resentful, or jealous on others who had complete freedom of their bodies. He was not despair because he did not use imagination in the negative direction, in other words.

Human imagination, being the cause of despair, is also the producer for hope. Human beings should realize that the difference between hope and despair are only in their brains. If one used his imagination in a negative way, he would be despair. The other imagined bright future would be blessed with hope.

This chimpanzee, Leo, taught us it is important not to use one's imagination in the negative way. Leo made a miraculous recovery from his sickness. He recovered from his sickness and regained his freedom of body in 2007. Leo must be teaching to people not to despair. There is a hope.

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