Thursday, February 2, 2012

Is Virtue Universal?

Talking about the war is no longer taboo in Japan. Instead, Japanese people need to be careful when talking about the war outside of Japan. He never knows with whom he is talking. He may be talking with a person whose Grandfather lost his life fighting the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II. A friend of mine happened to be talking about a ghost story of Japanese soldiers in Singapore. Unfortunate for him the person to whom he was talking was a Singaporean lady whose grandfather was killed by the Japanese army in the war.

Japanese before World War II used to believe that the Japanese race was the most superior race among the races of the world.The Emperor of Japan was God with human appearance. The Japanese Army was an Imperial Army, which belonged to the Emperor of Japan. Therefore, the army was divine. Japan was a divine country. Thus, she would never lose the war. All of these ideas sound ridiculous today. It is a historical fact that Japan lost the war. Japan was not sacred. The Emperor is not half God. In interviewing Japanese people who experienced World War II, they all say that they were educated about the sacredness of Japan in this way. If some one expressed a different opinion, he would be caught and most probably killed or kept in prison for the rest of his life. To fight and die for the divine country was a virtue.

The authorities were protecting what they taught to Japanese people at that time, even for ones who did not believe any of the above, it was easier to be obedient. It might have been more than the value of easy or not easy. If they did not obey the Japanese Imperial Government, they were either killed or kept in prison. So it was a life or death issue for Japanese people.

Japan lost World War II in 1945. It was proven that the virtue, which was most important for Japanese people's survival, was wrong. American soldiers were not cruel and violent. They were friendly and gave chocolate to Japanese children. They helped old ladies trying to walk to her home. The Emperor of Japan declared himself to be a human being, not God. Japan was not a divine country. It could lose the war.

This 180-degree change of virtue may be quite unusual even in human history. However, we are experiencing change of virtue in our daily lives. If one were an employee, it would be important for him to be obedient to his employer trying not to run any risk. If one were an owner of a business, he would need to run risks to be successful in his business.

Despite that virtue changes like money value changes over a period of time, there are some virtues, which seem to be unchangeable. Like the virtue of love. It is a virtue of humanitarian actions, which we experience across country borders and ethnic differences.

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