Sunday, March 4, 2012

E and O Trading Company Restaurant

Some restaurant guide websites categorized this restaurant as "Fusion Asian." This restaurant is worthy of its category. Their own website describes themselves as "Southeast Asian Grill." Their dishes consist of Malaysian, Indonesian, Singapore, Philippines, and Indian cuisine. Their range of dishes is not only confined to Southeast Asia. Their category also includes Chinese and Indian, which belong to East Asia and South Asia respectively. Unlike most of the combination type restaurants, the menu and dishes of this restaurant reserves the ethnicity of each food. At the same time, they have original inventions of combination that can be known as fusion.

The restaurant's name is nothing like a restaurant. The author imagines that they have some other Southeast Asian-related business in addition to the restaurant. The restaurant is located in a convenient place for customers. Located on Sutter Street between Stockton Street and Grant Avenue, it is within walking distance from hotels in Union Square. It is one block south of Chinatown. On a sunny spring or summer morning, it would be enjoyable if one could walk from one's Union Square Hotel room to Chinatown and have lunch in this restaurant on his way to exploring Chinatown.

Stepping into the restaurant, one will find the restaurant dining floor is very large. On the right side is a bar with a counter. The dining area surrounds the bar and expands deep inside where the kitchen can be found. The customer can have the enjoyment of seeing the kitchen activities whilst dining on the counter positioned in front of the kitchen. The restaurant has a mezzanine-dining area, which is recommendable for family or friend occasions. It is not entirely isolated like a private room, but is half private. Some may find it more amusing than a totally private dining room.

Menu comes on the wooden base plate and has several pages of colored printed papers. One can select from the small dishes, big dishes, and the beverages. The menu describes an original ethnicity of the dishes. It is fun to talk with your dining friends over the menu about the dishes. Their menu covers diversified Southeastern cuisine, Indian cuisine, and Chinese foods. The author's recommendation is to take Naan with curry source to complement with some small dishes. They have so many kinds of small dishes to choose from. How about a Combination Barbecue platter and corn fritter? Their grilled big dishes are superb. The author's suggestion is to have battered fish or grilled steaks, teriyaki source. A visitor must try a variety of their seafood if he or she likes fish. If one does not wish to go for fish, the poultry choices are recommendable, as well.

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