Sunday, March 18, 2012

Too Much Is As Bad As Too Little

History sometimes tells us paradoxical expression conveys a truth. We say that too much is as bad as too little. One trains him to be good at, for example, martial arts. After his painful training with sweat, tears, and blood, if he found it harms his life, how sorry he would be? Some historic tragedy happened not because the historic figure was not because he was poor at some skill, ability, or consciousness, but because he was too good.

Yoshitsune Minamoto is his name. His older brother is "Yoritomo Minamoto", who founded the first Samurai Shogun Government in Japan in 1192. This Minamoto brothers' father was defeated and killed in a civil war. Their enemy clan's leader, Kiyomori Taira was somehow merciful and did not kill these brothers. Yoritomo was exiled to East. Yoshitsune was still a baby. He was sent to a Shrine. Yoshitsune was destined to be a priest.

Samurai must have been in his blood. Yoshitsune never liked academic study of Shinto Shrine. Instead, he grew up with martial arts training. His legend tells that his training mates were bears, wolves, or wild cats. He grew stronger and stronger. A myth says that an imaginary spirits of Shrine Mountain, Tengu was his teacher of martial arts. Tengu has a red face, big and long nose, wings in their back. Tengu could fly like a bird. It could jump over tall trees. It had special skills of martial art. Nobody could defeat it. People believed it was a part of god family of the mountain.

After grown up, Yoshitsune joined his older brother, Yoritomo for fighting against their father's enemy Taira clan for their revenge. Yoshitsune was not only a martial arts master, but also he was believed to learn strategy from Tengu, too. He won whenever he fought. He defeated his enemy Taira clan in a relatively short period.

On his way back to his brother Yoritomo, his brother's army stopped Yoshitsune. Yoritomo was concerned about his younger brother's ability of fighting and maneuvering troops. Yoritomo thought that his younger brother Yoshitsune was a potential threat to him. Yoritomo sent his army to fight against his own younger brother. A powerful family in North East Japan protected Yoshitsune for a while. When this supporter passed, his son betrayed Yoshitsune and killed him.

It was an outstanding achievement to defeat their family's enemy in a short period. However, Yoshitsune must have demonstrated his ability too much to his brother. When one demonstrates something, which he is skillful, he could use his caution not to do too much. Somebody may become jealous or anxious about your skill. It may backfire him.

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