Thursday, May 17, 2012

Chain Reaction

In Japan, there is a short saying about chain reactions: "After the wind blows, coopers make money." This comic saying is about an unlikely chain reaction that could occur. There are several pseudo logical explanations to how this could happen.

First, when the wind is blowing, the air gets dusty. Dust will get into people's eyes, and will cause problems. Those who lose their sight will become shamisen players. Japanese shamisens use cat skin. It is a Japanese tradition that sightless musicians play this instrument. The more cats that are killed, the more mice there are. Mice bite barrels, damaging them. Barrel owners need to repair or replace barrels, which is why coopers make money.

Obviously, this is a kind of joke. Most people would never believe it to be logical. However, in the real world, things more peculiar than this happen.

Hisashi had never thought about moving from his apartment in San Francisco. It was one bedroom, and good enough for him and his wife. Later, his wife's mother moved in, and one bedroom became too small. They looked for a two-bedroom apartment, and found a house to rent in San Mateo, south of San Francisco near the airport. They decided to rent it, and then Hisashi's wife wanted to get a dog.

Hisashi wondered if the rent agreement allowed them to keep a pet, but his wife bought a puppy anyway.

When their landlady found out they had a dog, she told them that renters were not allowed to keep dogs. Therefore, Hisashi's family was forced to move out in 30 days. They looked for a new place that would accept the new family member, a puppy. They found a house for sale in East Bay. Although they thought it might cost too much, they believed they could afford it and decided to buy the house. It appeared that the puppy gave them an opportunity to buy their first house.

This narrative is based on a true story. People might think they are lucky, and everything that happens is accidental. What if they had decided not to keep the puppy? What if they had decided to sell the puppy and keep their residence? There seemed to be a reason why it happened the way it did. However, some people might think that the events were coincidences. Others might believe that the puppy was a godsend, and the result was a blessing.

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