Sunday, October 14, 2012

City Life and Nature

Tokyo is always compared to New York. There are some similarities between Tokyo and New York. They are always crowded, days and nights. People walk real fast. People are walking staring a point 10 feet front and ground. They always keep serious faces. They do not seem to be friendly. Interesting is that they all keep almost identical appearance in walking in downtown. They all are frowned. They look they worry something. They appear as they believe smiling is a crime. If they found someone smiling, they wondered what they were happy about. People speak unusually fast. They talk fast both in the street talking, office talking, or over a phone. 20 - 30% of people are using cell phone walking so fast.

In San Francisco, New York, and Beijing, inside of cities is not so different from Tokyo. In Beijing or San Francisco, people look more relaxed, however. There are more smiling faces and happy looking people on corners in these cities. People in these cities are less tensed than Tokyo or New York. All the cities are full of concrete and steel. They are all built in the same way, but Tokyo is the worst. Tokyo is the worst among cities, because it has less nature than others. It has parks. These parks look artificial. The concrete buildings are surrounding these parks. One cannot feel the nature in parks, in Tokyo. To feel a bit of nature, one needs to travel, either by train or car, for more than 2 hours from downtown, Tokyo. It is the worst part.

There is great nature in Japan. Mountains cover 60% of Japanese land. Many of them are beautiful. Mount Fuji is the most beautiful one. It is an island country. Oceans surround Japan Island. There are so many beaches and seacoasts providing stunning views to the people visiting. The problem is it takes more than 2 hours to reach these natures. If one takes his family to these natures, he and his family need to keep standing in a stuffed train for at least 2 hours. If they decide to drive, it will take them for more than 3 hours to reach their destination in a traffic jam.

If one drives from downtown New York to the forest in North Jersey, the drive will be less than one hour. Someone living in San Francisco is close to coast side of San Francisco Bay. Either in New York or San Francisco, squirrels are everywhere. If one drives 20 - 30 minutes to West, he will reach Pacific Ocean side, whereas there is a long trail for people to enjoy walking, jogging, bicycle riding. He may meet a family deer's in walking on the trail. At night, people would see raccoons and skunks are walking across the road. One can experience these nature's wonder lands without giving up convenient and exciting city life.

In downtown Tokyo, or at least in the area of 2 hours from the center of it, one will never be able to experience the nature. This is the reason why living in San Francisco Bay Area is lovely.

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