Sunday, October 21, 2012

Managers, Be Aware

People are anxious to get a managerial position. Is it so good to be a manager as people think? One day my colleague shared his own story, however. He said that he had been glad when he had become the department manager. His company is big. There are more than 300 employees working in the region. Being a department head is a status position. About half a year had passed. He did not like to be the department manager any more. He needed to travel all over the world. He could not have enough time to spend with his family. He was responsible for 25 people working with him. It was extremely difficult for him to keep his eyes on what his people are doing. Still, he was responsible for the mistakes his people had made.

He could not have his own time and could not think enough even on his work. He could not stand it any more. He thought he had enough. He resigned. He got a new job as a lower position staff. He is happy now because he can have his own schedule and time. He can manage his own schedule to share time with his family or friends. It is not easy to be in a high position, at the same time, having own personal life. Sometimes, a manager must make a priority decision, which comes first, his job or his family.

There is one factor making management position difficult. He needs to work as the leader of his team. As above, it is not easy to know what is happening with his team. Another difficulty is how the leader keeps his eyes on his team members. Even the manager understood 100% of what is happening in his team, he would not be able to understand how his team members would think and feel. Some might be happy. Another ones might not be satisfied. Others might not be thrilled, but they would do whatever their supervisor tell them to do.

When a manager was busy and do not know what is going on, he should be aware that his team members were busier and more confused than he was. His supervisor might give him a lot of works to do. He might be busy enough to do his own. When confusion was dominant, team members would be unhappy. The manager would not be able to supervise his people, simply because the manager himself was busy. All of his team member would be unhappy.

If members were unhappy, their works would not go well. He would need to take own time to consider how he should fix his team. He should ask himself if he had given the team members works, which he, himself, would not be happy to do. If a manager asks his member to do works, which made them unhappy, his team would go nowhere. A manager would consider if he asked his team too much of unhappy works. If more than 50% of his business order were unfavorable to his members, the manager should give the second thought how to distribute works among his team members, no matter how busy he is.

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