Sunday, April 21, 2013

Reasons to Attract or Distract People

Everyone has an experience that he did not feel like attending a meeting with his business friends. Everyone must have some business friends, associates, or colleagues, who he does not want to work together. One may have business problems with them. In addition, however, he does not like to work with them and he does not why. They are friendly and open-minded mostly. He has not been able to figure out as he feels for a long time.

The longer one talks with them or attends a meeting with them, he feels more depressed. He may want to run away from them. Now he can check the way the people who he does not want. Do not they use negative words? Even in discussion with themes such as "Positive Mindset", "How to develop Skills", and "How to Attract Customers", they use negative words. An example of their statement may be their skills are "insufficient". Another may be; "we are nobody". They might have used words "Failure", "Mistake", and "Trauma" more than 30 times each in 2 hour meeting.

Everybody needs to be aware of the power of words positive or negative. Yes, both positive and negative words have powers. They can seriously affect the people. They could have said, "Improve skills" instead of "Lacking skill"? "Failure" could be "Experience"? "Trauma" could be "Challenge"? Then the whole atmosphere and people's attitude could be changed.

Words can affect other people who one is talking together. One would rather be with positive people than negative people in business or personal. That was why one did not feel good being with them or work with them.

One can check his own attitude or usage of his words. Does he tend to use negative words instead of positive ones? It takes effort and time, but one can train him to select and use positive words in his statement or conversation. If he tries to select positive words and avoid negative words, his speed of speaking will slow down. It will make him understood in his statements.

There are some business checkpoints, which contain the above positive thinking.

- Be Helpful, Thankful, and Committed

- Check every day, if:

* you have something helpful to provide?

* you have value to give?

* you are highly motivated?

* you are carefully prepared?

* you are relaxed and comfortable?

One can observe the above checkpoints to see if his choice of words is positive, not negative.

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