Sunday, April 28, 2013

What Is "Easy Win?"

It has become a while since I started to try writing Japanese or Chinese history, philosophy, and religion in English. It has been always a big challenge to select the best expression and words in English to describe cross-cultural issues. There was a movie called "Lost in Translation". It is a fiction and film, all right. Realty is more interesting than stories or movies. It would be not just "Lost in Translation", but also "Not Exactly in Translation", "Meaning Changed in Translation", or even "Caused Misunderstanding in Translation".

Taking a look at this words of wisdom, "Those, Who Win, Win Easy Win", by Sun-Zu, ancient strategist, it is not easy to reveal the full meaning of the message. This message, however, drives me to try because the meaning is so profound that one should understand no matter what ethnic group he belongs.

For those who are not familiar with this strategist, "Sun-Zu", he was a strategist who wrote first strategy book in the history of mankind, 2500 years ago. His wisdom includes "War is the final and last method for settling the dispute." "If no more good strategy, do not die there, run away." Now let us examine these words of wisdom: Those, who win, win easy win.

According to Sun-Zu, to win or lose does not depend on luck, fate, or act of God. Those, who won, had reasons for winning. Those, who lost, had lost for reasons. He continued that those, who analyze themselves, their enemy, and the surrounding situation have a better chance of winning. They know themselves. They understand their enemy from A to Z. They are destined to win. Sun-Zu called this as easy win. After 2500 years has passed, his real meaning behind to define this as easy win is no longer clear. Historians later days interpreted that winning was easy because they prepared to fight and studied the detail how to win.

Sun-Zu is a popular figure appearing in business magazines, in Japan. This message might appear in Japanese business magazines more than 100 times a year. This idea is highly effective philosophy for Japanese business people. They can utilize this wisdom to fight fierce competition in the marketplace. Business persons must know what are their products (services) strength and weaknesses. They also need to know strength and weaknesses of their company. They must analyze and understand their competitions. What are their strength and weaknesses? They must understand the situation in the marketplace. How many competitions in the marketplace? What products they have? What is the demand of the product? What is the future of the product?

These are questions a businessperson can ask to himself. If one can answer all the questions, he could win. If not, the one should investigate and analyze more. Here is a question a businessperson can ask. He can ask if his business style depends on luck and God's will. He can check if he learned, studied, and analyzed so deeply that he can believe his victory. If ones business style depends on their fate, they are destined to lose.

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