Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Strong Is Weak Because They Are Strong

This could be a part of Zen Discussion. For those who are not familiar with Zen Discussion, it is a discussion used among Zen Buddhism priests. Their purpose of this discussion is to approach the truth of the universe. Their sentences seem to be contradictory. They contain profound meanings when one thought through it. Pay attention to the title of this article as an example. In the logical way it does not make sense. Instead, it would make more sense if it were "Even the strong is weak in their weak points." It will be logically correct if it is "The strong is not strong because they are strong".

It is not, however, typographical error writing this sentence this way. It says, "The strong is Weak because they are strong." Let us examine this proposition taking an example of martial arts fighting involving existing 2 masters historically.

It is a story on 2 martial arts masters. They were masters of swords art. One is Kojiro Sasaki. Kojiro's skill was speed. When he swung his sword, no enemy could track his sword. He used long sword taking advantage of his speed. He could cut flying sparrow twice using his long sword, people said. The other one's name was Musashi. He was powerful and intelligent. He always studied his opponent before he fought. All swordsmen need both hands to handle one sword, which is heavy. Musashi could use one hand to manage one sword, as others use both hands. Later he invented 2 swords technique.

They decided to fight. People talked about the fight. People thought that Musashi would not have been able to win against the speed of Kojiro. Interesting was that Musashi thought so, too. Musashi studied the method how to win Kojiro's speed. Musashi prepared long wooden sword. Their fight was in seashore. When they met to fight, Musashi positioned himself having sun behind him and kept top of hand-made wooden sword inside of seawater, so that Kojiro could not realize the length of his wooden sword. Kojiro was fast. Musashi's wooden sword, however, could reach Kojiro from the position beyond Kojiro's sword's reach. Musashi won the fight.

Kojiro lost because his opponent Musashi studied his strength. He lost because of his strength. Musashi could win because he accepted his weakness and invented a strategy to overcome his weakness. The strong lost because he was strong. The weak won because of his weakness. Let us keep in mind that one can lose because he is strong. This happens often in the market place. The majority of reasons why top share company loses ground to the followers are not because they have weaknesses, but because they do not consider and exercise next step because they are strong in the market.

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