Sunday, September 22, 2013

3 Factors to Remember For Changing Bad Luck to Good Luck

It goes back to October 2008 when our family moved to the house for rent in west side of San Francisco Bay. Since my wife and I do not have a child, we were talking about keeping a dog. Because we were living in an apartment before this move, we could not keep any pet other than small birds. My wife always wanted a white dog, not too small, not too big. We have gone to shelter nearby and pet shops to check. We could not have found any dog we like, we have not adopted any dog.

When I had time, I was searching a white dog in Internet. I found a breeder who grows Japanese Spitz. They were showing pictures of their dogs. They were white like snow with big black round eyes. It struck me like a thunder and I liked them immediately. I showed the website to my wife and she liked them as well. We called the breeder next day and arranged a visit.

This is how we started living with our new family member, white dog "Xuer" (It means Snow in Chinese). It was April 2008. We made a big mistake in adopting her because our rental agreement for the house we rented did not allow tenant to keep a pet. We totally misunderstood because we did not have any problem bringing in our birds. Our landlady found that we keep a dog and asked us either we agree to pay double the rent, get rid of Xuer, or move out.

It was tough decision. But in short time, we decided that we could not get rid of Xuer. It also did not make sense to keep the rent paying double amount of rent. So, we started to look for new place to live quickly. Quite fortunately, my Japanese realtor found a good home with good price. There were so much competition and 60 offers were already made to buy the house. But we decided to offer and surprisingly we could get it. We were not the best price, but we could offer good condition of payment. Because it was our landlady side who wanted us to move out as one of our choices, she could not charge us full year rent. We notified our landlady and moved out May last year, 2009.

It was bank owned house, so we needed to repair here and there. But it was enjoyable because it is now ours not rent. We have lived here a little more than a year now. Now we believe that it was our white dog Xuer who brought us this good luck to acquire this house.

Now, please step back and think about it. It was Xuer who gave us hard time in living previous house. So, she was the one brought us bad luck. She was the cause for us either moving out or paying doubled rent. We could hate her. Or we could sell her. We seriously talked about that option, too. But by taking actions to quickly get out of such bad luck, we could buy the house now we are living. Now Xuer is the one who brought us good luck. All these could be sequence of coincidences. But we feel this told us something. Something we could turn bad luck to good one. There are 2 factors we can remember:
1. Having bad luck, do not panic. Try to change perspective. You will see different side or another angle of the happenings. Remember, "Every cloud has silver lining."
2. Do not give up. If you stop actions to solve your problem. The problem will stay there unchanged. It may keep staying with you forever. There will be something to do if you do not give up.
3. Some situation does not allow you to change back, like we could not change our landlady. But remember, if you keep your emotion stable, there are always some things you can do to make it better.

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