Sunday, October 20, 2013

Emotional IQ and Its Importance

Zhen International is a company formed 10 years ago. It is becoming 11 years old in year 2013. It could not last this long without help from people. I am very grateful on all the help rendered for me. Before I formed this company, earlier in my carrier stage, I worked for a Japanese electronics company for 20 years. Becoming an assistant manager in 1988, I started to study how to be a good manager. It included emotional control for better performance and better management.

Later, company recommended me to develop own scheme to control myself and teach our team member. My team used to hear I say:
"Do not show it when you are angry. Use your anger to get what you need to achieve in business. Control your emotions so that they do not harm your business or life. Use them to benefit yourself instead."

This concept used to give me confidence and comfort in the way I could control my emotions to the extent that my emotion did not damage any of my business or relationship. I was comfortable to ask my team members same.

It was end of the year 2000 when I faced a decision if I should quit the company and start my own or stay. I made a decision to quit and tried to start my own business. It was my own decision and I believed that I am emotionally stable.

Then, in my effort of starting up my own company, which was supposed to be full of fun, I found myself out of control of my own emotions. Resentment, remorse, instability, confusion, and depression constantly attacked me. My emotion went out of control in a very sensitive and critical moment. The worst is that all these negative emotions hit me same time and I did not know what to do. I had never went to a hospital, but I might have some psychological problem called panic attack. Luckily my wife helped me and I could gradually regain my emotional stability. From this experience taught me a precious lesson how difficult to control our emotions.

It was near end of last year when my wife and I were looking for information on IQ level of dogs on Internet, we happened to find the word "Emotional IQ". We were interested and did further research on the definition.

According to the information in Internet, Emotional IQ and Emotional Intelligence are almost same meaning and definition. Emotional IQ is the ability, capacity, skill or, a self-perceived ability to identify, assess, and manage the emotions of ourselves, of others, and of groups.

I have been aware there are several therapies, which is not known in outside of US, such as emotional control or anger management. But, I was not aware that there is a study trying to measure ability of controlling emotions until last year.

If you acquire an ability to perceive and control your emotion and others, you can have better control over your life, business. Most importantly, if you are confident and comfortable controlling your own emotion under no matter what kind of panicky situation, you can be more relaxed all the time. You can be very much peaceful in your mind in your life. That is why I believe learning and knowing on Emotional IQ is very important for all of us.

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