Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hello from "Tokyo Connection"

Hello everybody!

My name is Shaw. This is first article I am writing in this blog I named "Tokyo Connection". I was born in Tokyo, raised up there and now in San Francisco, trying to start up my own business. My family members are my loving wife and lovely 3 birds.

I have 20+ years international business experience in Japanese electronics company which sent me here and threw me away here.

I have 4 Japanese blogs mostly related to internet marketing and San Francisco local topics. All in Japanese, Sorry! And I have 5 website for promoting my own business.

I like watching movies, listening to music, modern contemporary, traveling to exotic places. I traveled to so many places, China, Vietnam, India, Myammer, European countries. Only places I have not travelled are Africa and Antarctic (LOL). I would like to share business opportunities information with you. I may start from my next article.

Here is my company image and link: http://zhenintl.ws

Check my websites to find out what I am doing:

Feel free to contact me:
Shaw Funami
Fill the Missing Link

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