Sunday, January 27, 2008

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What is a scam artist? I thought long and hard before writing this article as not to offend anyone. Nobody would ever be complimented by being called a scam artist. A scam artist is one who takes your money for product or service and never delivers anything to you. They run off with your money to never be heard of or found again. I have found very few people in the world who are scam artists like that.

It has been my experience that there are similar traits in a lot people on the internet and I'll let you be the judge weather or not you call these people scam artists. I usually find that program jumpers have similar traits and characteristics to the scam artists or maybe more resembling a swarm of Locusts. These people are usually people who jump ship to every new program out there on the internet. If a new program comes out, they jump in it, take all you suckers out there with them until they have sucked you dry and then move on to the next program.

Here is an article I found at Let's see if this resembles any of the so called "Internet Guru's". Locust (insect), common name applied to a number of jumping insects and especially to the true locusts, which are migratory grasshoppers (see Grasshopper). The true locusts cause great damage to crops wherever they swarm. Control measures include the spreading of poison bait and the plowing under of locust eggs. Infestations threatening large regions of the United States are combated with insecticides sprayed by planes and truck-mounted mist blowers provided by joint federal-state programs.

Aside from the true locusts, the periodical cicada (see Cicada) is another important insect to which the name locust is applied. Grouse, or pygmy, locusts are small, jumping insects that are of little economic importance. Most species are dark brown and are less than 2.5 cm (less than 1 in) in length.

Now, does this sound familiar out there on the internet? I would love to warn you about these people by name, but would never do that. I will however, give you things to watch out for and let you be the judge.

If a person has joined 3 or more programs in one year, they are probably program jumpers, which as we see above, have similar traits to the locusts and do more harm than good. These people are simply out to take your money. No wonder they are making so much money. They have perfected the locust style of business.

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