Monday, February 11, 2008

Are you comfortable?

There are several criteria I use to judge home based business opportunities is G or NG. You do not want to trick a person to sign in the program without letting the one to learn fully about what you are promoting. So, I always try to leave all the cards open on the table and ask for judgment.

The above includes how much you need to pay for participating in the program. You may want to get Mecedez Benz. But, you do not want to spend $80,000. Then simply you give up. If you continue to persuade one spending $80,000, you are just wasting time.

It is good solid order to show them the program*s advantage how it works and how good. And then how much he/she needs to spend. But, if enough information is not given, the result may be miserable.

It is important that you feel comfortable with the program. It was not a whole bunch, but I tried several programs. All of them did not work. I could not feel excited selling consumables, vitamins, cosmetics, etc..... But, I have a friend who is successful in vitamin business. He tried his product and it worked for him. He could reduce his cholesterol level to be almost normal. He is happy about his products, and he is enthusiastic recommending his products and business to others.

Instead, if you are not perfectly comfortable with the program, trying to recruit prospects, it shows. It does not work like many did not work for me.

This I am truly feel excited about the program. Do you know why? This I can use my expertise and experience in promoting the program. I am confident that I can help you. Help you to build your wealth, build your system, build your knowledge base. I know my program can benefit many corporate people who hopes to build or re-build internet marketing system. It is not banner ads, it is not just PPC. It is not just how to close. Comprehensive. You need comprehensive approach. I can give my advise to people based on what I know and I believe.

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