Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Meet "Small Spring"

Although San Francisco, Bay Area does not have real severe winter, it still have winter. San Francisco winter is cold and dump. It is windy as well. There are several storms bring hails in this season of Feb - Mar.

So, I feel very happy when I feel warm sun shine embracing the area and see flowers start to gloom. Peaches and Plums first, then Cherry, and then Dogwoods starts to open their own flowers.

In my high school English text book, I roughly remember that somebody famous wrote "Spring is Shy Season... One day leaps out, next day hide away..." It looks really like it. One day warm, relaxed, and next day it goes back to cold and humid condition.

Still it is becoming warm and spring like day by day. It started to appear small humble garden of ours. I took several pictures and I wanted to share with you, today.

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Shaw .. it's interesting everyone in the States .. seems to be saying they love the Seasons .. yours sounds similar to ours .. cold, damp, windy and stormy!

Watching the various flowering trees come out is always so inspiring that Spring really is here; the bulbs as they pop up too .. I love your phrase "Spring is the Shy Season" .. good description ..

Your little garden looks lovely and I guess sitting on your steps & being able to scent your own flowers and feel the sensoriness of the leaves, petals, earth etc must be great.

Interesting post .. thanks Shaw -
Hilary:Positive Letters

Shaw said...

Dear Hilary, Thank you for your comment. It is refreshing and relaxing to be out and watching these flowers as wind getting warmer. How is the spring in UK. I guess it is still cold, isn't it?

Thank you again.