Tuesday, March 31, 2009

San Francisco 49 miles Scenic Drive -6

Turn the corner of Union Square, the 49 miles Scenic Drive leads you to China Town. China Town of San Francisco is one of the world biggest size and population. Chinese people living in China Town, San Francisco are mostly Cantonese. My wife is a Chinese, but she is originally from Beijing. So, she has difficulty communicating here. It is interesting to see 2 Chinese people found their languages are different and suddenly start speaking in English. The first picture left is the Gate to China Town. Despite of Japan Town, China Town has sense of living. I can hear baby crying in upstairs in souvenir shops or fighting shouting out loud in the second floor of a restaurant. Generally, I need to admit that China Town has more energy than Japan Town.

The picture right is taken from my car driving Grant Street across China Town. In addition to sightseers, there are always Chinese people selling and buying meats, vegetables, fruits, etc... I respect the power of Chinese people who spread around the world and build their own cities. Wherever I visited, there was no place where there is no Chinese Restaurant. Europe, South East Asia, Australia, etc... there are always Chinese people living there not stationing like most of Japanese these days. Another thing is that Chinese overseas help each other and system is established. Japanese should look up to them and try to copy them, instead of trying to sell expensive staff to visitor Japanese.

Coming out of China Town, route goes up hill and bring you to Coit Tower in Telegraph Hill. Although there was history when some broadcasting was made from top of this Hill, Coit Tower was built as city planning and add another beautiful architect to the city. Mural in the Tower is something you must see. The mural, partly showing European (mostly Spanish) living, shows living of Native Americans. Climbing up the hill to the Coit Tower is not exactly on the 49 miles route, this place is popular spot. The problem is traffic jam en route to the top, and difficulty in parking. In addition, wind is almost always strong, so it is not easy to stay long here.

The last picture below today shows Lombard Street, world crookedest road. I imagine that the slope here was too steep to build straight road and made a road like this. Actually the road next to Lombard is so steep that it looks like a cliff diving when I try to drive down. My mother screamed when I drove down there.

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Shaw .. you make an interesting observation about different cultures .. both within China & also comparing other cultures in different countries.

In England we've always said that the Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani (amongst others) would always help each other get established and build a business .. seems crazy when the British were known as the nation of shopkeepers!!

I can't understand some people in England now & they're speaking English .. possibly from Wales, or Scotland, Cornwall even, or Cockney Londoners !!

Thanks .. I'd like to see your Coit Tower and the murals - I'd go early to avoid the crowds! & Lombard street .. for the fun ..

Hilary Melton-Butcher
Positive Letters

Peter Baca said...

Hello Shaw,

Your bring back memories of a trip to San Francisco! Actually, we were lost and ended up on Lombard. I thought at the time...what were they on when they designed this street!

The Chinese food in China town is super!

Thanks for the wonderful post!

Pete Baca
The Car Enthusiast Online

Shaw said...

Hi Hilary,

Thank you for your comment. It is interesting know the cross cultural issues in England. Coit Tower is something you should see.

Thank you again.
Shaw Funami
Fill the Missing Link

Shaw said...

Hello Pete,

Thank you for your comment. I know Chinese Food in China Town is superb. Lombard Street is pretty because of decorated houses old style. The picture was taken in cloudy day, so it did not come out right. I will try to take another picture in summer.

Thank you again.

Shaw Funami
Fill the Missing Link