Friday, March 20, 2009

San Francisco is not just delicious, it is humorous -1

It was 1985 when I first visited San Francisco. I was staying in a hotel near Union Square. I woke up next morning and felt thirsty. It was August I was wearing T-shirt and Short Pants and went out to buy a coke. I remember it was before 8:00am. As soon as I stepped out of my hotel, I was shocked that it was cold outside. It was foggy and temperature was inconsiderably low in comparison to Tokyo in same season. Fog is one of the San Francisco's noted for.

In the same trip, I stopped at souvenir shop, whereas I found a post card with its back side totally white. I flipped it over to take a look at remark. Its remark said "Foggy San Francisco". People in San Francisco are open minded, friendly, and humorous. We love not to be too serious in serious matters. It shows in many ways. I bought a Crazy T-shirts with printing of a cat using computer mouse and staring into PC Screen. I wore it in anywhere and worn out so that I could not wear it any more. So, I feel so unfortunate that I cannot show the picture of the T-shirt here. But it was so funny.

Almost every weekend in Union Square, there are art show and sale in the afternoon. You find upper left was the picture taken in the art show. I like to wonder around in the picture sales booths when I do not have any particular plan. In addition to you being able to find some humorous paintings, sometimes you can find some humor in the square itself. It was last summer striding around the painting exhibition, I found something strange on the square ground.

It was showing damage on the square ground from past earthquakes. Please refer to the picture below. I thought it was with full of wit showing it in the square in the weekend. But the way it showed was not serious but even humorous and it was obviously a part of weekend enjoyment for the people.

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

I'm always amazed at how fog 'freezes' the temperature .. and how much colder it becomes .. this happens on the Skeleton Coast in Namibia too;

the other thing is when we have an eclipse of the sun .. how cold it gets as the sun is blocked out ..

I liked the feature of the earthquake line .. - what's the feeling of the fault now?

Good post .. Union Square looks rather interesting ..
Hilary: Be Positive Be Happy

Shaw said...

Thank you Hilary for your comment. Fog can be romantic but still is big problem of the area. Union Square is one of my favorite place to spend weekend. I hope you can visit us some day.

Thanks again.