Thursday, October 22, 2009

Japanese Reading This Summer - 6

Today I promised that I will list Kanetsugu Naoe's Military side of talent as top general of Uesugi Army which was called strongest in Japan in 16 - 17th century:

1.  In Uesugi clan's civil war, Naoe strategized and implemented to tie with enemy's 2 strongest allies and lead the civil war in favor of his master.  Everybody thought Naoe's strategy did not work.  It looks like he never thought his strategy was impossible.  His master went ahead on Naoe's strategy and won the war.

2.  When Nobunaga Oda, who almost unfied Japan, attacked Uesugi by 2 route, one from west, the other from south, Naoe successfully defended Uesugi territory by moving their force quickly from west to south, concentrating on fight against enemy from south.  The enemy needed to withdraw because Oda died in the middle of this war.  It was said that Naoe already knew when Oda was killed by betrayal by his information source (Ninja).

3. "Sekigahara war" which decided Tokugawa to be next Shogun, Naoe and Uesugi were fighting against Tokugawa ally in North Japan.  Uesugi needed to withdraw not because they are defeated, but because Uesugi ally was defeated in separate war.  Naoe guarded rear of their army and limited damage of their force minimum.

In all the wars he fought, the important thing was that he has the reason to fight.  In war, he wanted his own soldiers not to die even surrendered.  Many of his soldiers fought and died, but it was not because Uesugi and Naoe ordered them to die in fighting, but because soldiers in front decided to fight to the end.  It looks like what was important for Naoe was not win or lose, but if he can uphold "Gi - Ultimate Righteousness" and "Ai - Love".

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Shaw .. it's so interesting these stories of days gone by in Japan. How Naoe strategised .. and kept acting, always being active and taking the initiative ..

.. but always had reason on his side, for the need for war.

Thanks - Hilary Melton-Butcher
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Shaw said...

Hello Hilary,

We usually forget that to fight in a war, the country must be wealthy. There were lots of countries who perished despite of their strength of battle, due to they could manage their wealth. Japan might be the one as well.

Naoe seems to be the one who fully understand the importance of peaceful days but did not forget to prepare for fight.

Thank you for your comment.
Shaw Funami
Fill the Missing Link

Marketing Unscrambled, learn to earn 14 said...

Hello Shaw,

That is the sign of a good leader. They like the peaceful days, but are ready for the battle as well. They do not ask the people to die for no reason. They fight to protect the ones that they love from the ones that would harm them.

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

Shaw said...

Hello Dan and Deanna,

I love peace, of course. But, to some extend, being prepared for worst days including war, would add people's capability or ability to deal with matters. I think Naoe was one of these rare people.

Thank you for your comment.
Shaw Funami
Fill the Missing Link