Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pacific War and Japanese - 2

My experience on the war is not limited to my story in Singapore.  In China CCTV (China Central TV) broadcasts a lot of war stories showing Japanese army to be bad guys.  Japanese soldiers keep shouting "Baka - Stupid -" and hit Chinese civilians.

In 2001, after September 11, some TV station was broadcasting history of terrorism.  Among others, they were saying that it was Japanese who invented suicide bombing.  It was Kamikaze or Tokko.  They mean "Divine Wind or Special Attack", respectively.

The book is about this Kamikaze.  Somehow, Japanese version of suicide attack was always by Japanese Navy that time.  And Japanese suicide attacks were always targeting military facilities or equipment, base, air base, battle ships, mother ships, etc...  In addition, Kamikaze was always by this fighter plane called "Zero -0-".

Have you heard about "Zero Fighter"?  It was most advanced Navy Fighter Plane of the time  when the Pacific War started.

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Shaw .. I expect your travels have brought you to places where you come across war in all its forms - or terrorism, or just plain terror. I haven't heard of Zero Fighter though - but I have never liked war much - and know relatively little, I'm afraid to say.

Thanks - Hilary Melton-Butcher
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Shaw said...

Hello Hilary,

Thank you for your comment. I know the war from my father. He was almost constantly sick after 45 years old. He was totally in bed in my age now today. He did not say, but his experience in the war harmed his health a lot, I believe.

Thank you again for your comment.

Best regards,
Shaw Funami
Fill the Missing Link

Marketing Unscrambled, learn to earn 14 said...

Hello Shaw,

The Japanese are not the ones that started it. It has always been there. People that are willing to die for the things they are fighting for. They are just more well known for it. It is sad to say that we have to have war at all.

Have a great day.

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

Shaw said...

Hi Dan and Deanna,

Thank you for your comment, especially for your saying about Suicide Bombing.

I agree that it is just sad we have wars.

Best wishes,
Shaw Funami
Fill the Missing Link