Monday, November 9, 2009

Chain Reaction - 1

Last weekend, I was just out in our back yard and enjoying sun bathing.  I have not had that kind of relaxed feeling for years.  I was thinking a lot of things that happened to me in past 5 - 10 years.  Many happy memories, some sad, some bitter memories I had in relation to that day when I was enjoying the sun.

I was also thinking about series of occurrences which could have never occured if the one previous occurrence was different.

In Japan, there are short story whereas they say "Oke-ya (Barrel Craftsmen) make money if strong wind".  It was story about half-joking "Chain Reaction" inconsiderable could happen by sequence.  But that day last weekend, I could not help thinking that unimaginable things are are really happening in the way of "Chain Reaction".

For example, if we did not move from Burlingame apartment to San Mateo House, rent, we would not have thought about keeping a dog.  If we did not take our dog, Xue Er, we would not have been asked to move out from the house rent in San Mateo.  If we did not move from the house, we would never have bought our house.

People may think they are nice surprises and happenings were all coincidental.  But, these days I have a little bit different opinion.  You may agree or disagree what I think or feel, but I would like to share my thinking with you in coming several postings.

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Shaw .. everything ties in somewhere along the line and for each action there is another action .. everything can go forward.

So I agree with you ..
Hilary Melton-Butcher
Positive Letters Inspirational Stories

Marketing Unscrambled, learn to earn 14 said...

Hello Shaw,

You are so right. They have happened to many times to me to not be seen for what they are. The stepping stones of life. They help us move from one to another. Like we are being guided along the way.

We will visit again to see the next posts.

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

Shaw said...

Dear Dan and Deanna,

I personally believe that there are large power out there to teach us, influence us, and guide us. Many meaningless things bring meanings to life.

Thank you for your comment. Please stay tuned!

Best wishes,
Shaw Funami
Fill the Missing Link

Shaw said...

Dear Hilary,

The link you mentioned is very powerful existence in our world. Sometimes it pops up to show us just a part. Later we will learn the whole picture. It looks like blind priests rubbing an elephant.

Thank you for your comment.
Shaw Funami
Fill the Missing Link