Sunday, April 11, 2010

"Passion" and "Vision" -3

Did not you have an experience that your looking information came to you, when you are interested in something and positively and voluntarily looking for information?  Or haven't you experienced that you came across an advice when you needed it and actively looked for it.

It seems to me the key words here are "positively, voluntarily, and actively".  There are people who said they are waiting for they feel like "active" to do something.  But, my conclusion here is that you will be never active if you wait for the moment you feel like active.  Instead, I think if you are active and start taking an action, you start to feel like active.

This is why I plan to meet a new (mostly business) person for the first time and schedule to have lunch or dinner with that person, whenever I feel dull and inactive.  I do not want the new person regard me to be inactive or dull, so I need to be prepared and go out meet that person.

It is important to meet a quality person and avoiding negative and only-critic style of person (No Action Talk Only -Somebody told me this is called "NATO".  I do not know what kind of joke it is.-), since I do not want to be influenced by such a person.  I know I am easy to be influenced.

Instead, I plan to meet a person who are positive, active, outgoing.  I am glad if I am influenced that way.  I can keep being active by being active.  If not feeling active, take an action to be active.

Next time when you feel inactive, please try this.

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Anonymous said...

thank you for you to make me learn more,thank you∩0∩

Shaw said...

Dear 怡帆,

Thank you for your coming. Thank you for your comment.

Shaw Funami
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