Thursday, April 29, 2010

Book Review "50 Small Actions to Change Your Life"

Reading is funny activity for me.  I could have not read for months, some times a year, if I did not read or I could not find any interesting books.  It may be just I, but I have a tendency to keep picking up books once I started to read.  After I returned previous book "Judo with words: An Intelligent Way to Counter Verbal Attacks" to San Mateo Library, I picked up another Japanese book talking about life's activities.

The title of the book is "50 Small Actions to Change Your Life".  The book is almost a list of 50 small actions which author recommend to take.  Each item has explanation of the author.  Many of them are small good action to take.  The most interesting was the reason why the author wrote this book.  According to the author, Akihiro Nakatani, more powerful thing which can change your life to the better direction is not your talent, or high education, or big sum of donation to your church.  He says the most powerful series of action to change your life is small daily base actions, accumulations, and continuation of them.

I list some of examples here:

-  Let's greet to someone you have never greet.  You should have 1 new person to greet in 1 day.
-  Don't take elevator.  Take steps.  You may meet someone you did not expect to meet.
-  Stop asking your friend if you are special individual.  Special person tends to believe he is ordinary person, never be extraordinary.

Like above, the book consisted of 50 interesting items.  I cannot list or explain all, but all of his listings were interesting and I finished reading in a day.  Also I cannot agree more to the author that if we continue to do good things, at least one at a day, every day.  It will change our life to the better way.

This book reminded me one story which I heard long time ago.  I hoped to share it here as follows:

One high school drop out could finally find his job in a bank branch in a city of Japan.  As a newcomer in the bank, his first morning work was to clean the entrance of the bank branch office.  One morning, he found that neighbor's house's front was also messy as well in the morning.  Since it did not take him much additional work, he started to clean their neighbor's house's front, too.  After a while, a old woman came out of the neighbor's home, asked him to come into her home.  As asked, he walked into the old woman's home, whereas he met the old woman's grand doubter, who is beautify, and the wold woman asked him to marry her grand doubter and hair her business.  This boy could hair very profitable business of Jewelry Trading and married beautiful wife.

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