Saturday, May 8, 2010

Why do you need mental strength in business?

It does not matter what kind of sports, Baseball, Football, Tennis, Golf, Basketball, and so force, any and all famous and successful sports athletes talk about "Mental Strength".  For example, it is not easy to focus and concentrate on the shot in Golf when everybody is watching.  It would be even more difficult if the golfer has some personal issues, family problem, or legal matters.  To win and successful in sports, an athlete must have very strong and stable mind which will not be affected by any outer influence or instability of his mind.

In case of martial arts, such as Karate, Judo, Kendo, Kung-Fu, maintaining such mental strength and stability of mind is the most important factor since win or lose is the matter of life or death.  I practiced some of martial arts and personally know how important it is.  70-80% of winning or losing are decided not by the level of skills, but by how stable one could maintain in his mind.  So, it is very important to train your mind in martial arts to become master of arts to the extend that one is unbeatable and trust worthy teaching and leading his successors.

I have long been wondered why people do not talk much about mental strength and stability in business.  It was 12 years ago when I spun out a company I worked for 20 years and started my own business.  There were a lot of business and personal problems in immigration, divorce, failure, cheating, business lies, short capital, not enough money for investment, etc...  I can fill at least a page of my notebook with the problems I had.  Maybe it is a matter of daily life for employed people in working in a business.  It may be why they do not talk much about mental strength.  But, what I found in my trial of own business was quite opposite.  Business is like a life-staking fight in martial art using real swords which can sharply cut.  If you do not have strength of your mentality, methodology of brushing up your mental status, attitude of constantly fighting and conquering problems, consciousness on endless effort of training your mind, you will soon or later be defeated by an iron cold realty of life, depressed, disappointed, lose interest and confidence, and quit.  Quit means that you give up your business and close it.  End of trial.

It seems to me the lack of this kind of consciousness of mental strength is the very cause of tragic fact that less than 5% of entrepreneurs succeed in their own business.  It is not your competition who you need to fight against.  It is YOU yourself who you need to fight and win the successful mentality.

If you can acquire your mental strength to be able to fight against any and all problems which you will encounter and maintain such strength, you have more than half the way through.  It is your mental strength which will lead you to be successful in your business, or in anything you hope to be successful, such as life, family relationship, friendship, social relationship.  It is neither knowledge, nor techniques, nor your connections to VIP people which is of essence for your success.

Instead, even if you have all the above listed important-like business factors, if you do not have mental strength, these factors are like a building built on sand beach.  They will fall as you lose your mental strength.  Continuous mental training is the only way to acquire and maintain mental strength.  Mental training is not for the people with weakness or psychological problems.  It is for you and me.

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