Saturday, May 1, 2010

Life's Lessons, "Isogaba-Maware" - When hurry, you detour.

When I started working for my previous employer, I used to be overwhelmed by the amount of work I need to process.  There were a lot of paper works, correspondences, telephone calls, meetings, etc, etc...  After a while, I learned that I need to speedily process any work brought to me no matter how the result could be, good or bad, satisfactory or not satisfactory.  In 10 years, I found myself to be pretty good at doing this to the extent that my boss tells me that he likes my speed putting results aside.  I still wonder he tried to praise me or insult me, I do not know.

An age of Personal Computer and Digital Technology has come.  People started to like speed.  There are management people who even teach their subordinates that it is more important to speedily finish their works despite that the output is good, OK, or no good.  My previous employer liked my approach of outputting in speedy way in the shorter time than anybody else.  I myself have thought that being speedy is important factor in business.  It still may be true today.

In reading spiritual books, many blogs, and mail magazines, I started to doubt if being speedy ignoring output result is right approach or not.  I heard some people say that his answer is "No" if you need his answer "Now".  I believe this is good answer.  If so, doing something or thinking something taking some time is important factor in doing business.

There are some Japanese saying that you should take your time thinking and doing when you are in hurry finishing an important work.  "If not hurry to go, you would not have been wet by rain, rain finishes after you ran into the rain." is one of them.  Another one goes "when hurry, you detour".

There were 2 main route to reach to Tokyo from West 500 years ago.  One was shorter using boats to go across a big river.  The other was the way to go across the river by detouring over a bridge. The route over the bridge was about 2 miles longer and people liked to take boats.  But, the history tells that so many people drowned to death by boat accidents or storms.  Instead, there is no people died going over the bridge.

Looking back what I have done, there is almost nothing left from my speedy outputting style work.  Instead, I gained a lot from long slow training of languages and Martial Arts.  Sun Zu the ancient strategist also wrote that if you find your enemy strong, take your time.  Isn't it now the time to think again if the speed is everything.

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慧茹 said...

到處盡心,即為快事;舉步踏實,便是坦途。 ..................................................

Shaw said...

Dear 慧茹,

Thank you for your comment.

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