Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Dog Park in San Mateo, CA

When in Japan, I have never paid my attention to "Dog Park", or any pet amusement.  It is simply because I did not keep any dog.  I once kept a cat.  The cat was, however, more or less my ex-wife's and the cat had never been close to me.  I just ignored it.  My ex-wife would not have liked it, but I did not care.

It was since we started to keep our girl dog, "Xuer", when my wife and I started to be interested in "Dog Park".  Our dog's trainers and instructors in our dog schools helped us to find a good one.  Also, the people, who we come across in walking Xuer, helped for us to gather information.

We have 5 dog parks in the Peninsula and East Bay including the one in San Mateo.  The dog park in San Mateo is the one our girl "Xuer" likes best.  It is very good dog park for the dog owners.  Let me show you the pictures, I took.

This is the largest dog park in the area as long as we know.

This is the other side of the same park.  I hope you can imagine how big it is.

There is no playground staff for dogs to play.  The space is the largest advantage of this park.  You do not need to worry the ball you threw fly out of the park.

We also like this dog park because of its location.  This park is just on San Francisco Bay, West Side.  There is a trail for dog owners to walk their dogs.  The scenery from the trail is beautiful.  From the top of the hill on the trail, you can view both San Francisco Bay and Foster City and San Mateo city view.

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