Saturday, October 9, 2010

How Do You Use Evolved Internet?

Internet has been and still is intriguing space. Since its beginning stage of all texts in 1990's, it has attracted my attention. It cost me more than $1,000 to build an infrastructure to gain access to Internet in 1993. There were PC communication methods even before Internet. There were some information available with their computer communication sites, such as CompuServe, AOL, and UUNet. People could exchange email and participate in BBS through their proprietary services.

Internet took off, then. Internet in early 90's was just a text format and data warehouse which was not properly maintained. It used to take me hours to arrive at the information site which I needed. Still Internet was extremely useful tool for me. All patent information was available to search. 10K, 10Q, companies financial information was available in sites. Even with the time to access appropriate information, it was still faster than my office colleagues who went to company library or public library to get the same information I gathered from Internet.

Soon, Internet became the symbol of graphics in Computer Communication with lots of pictures and arts decorated companies' sites. Internet was abundant information source for a businessman like me to look into financial data of customers and competitors. This time, there was nobody called Web1.0 or Web2.0. There was no such a nicknames of services, yet.

Those were the days that Internet was just a place for visitors to explore. Only companies who can afford to expensive web-creators' cost could build their websites. No individual business owners, small organizations, local businesses could have their own websites. YET. Remembering those days, this period may be called as "Web1.0". Although this name was given after this period ended.

This way of calling services in Internet started from "Web2.0", which supported member sites. SNS and Blogs have already been started, but they were not as popular as today. It appears nobody has given clear definitions on these version 1.0 - 3.0. The ones most clearly describe each characteristics are the following one from my friend.

Web 1.0 was "Find Me"

Web 2.0 was and still is "Join Me"

Web 3.0 is "Follow Me"

In Web 1.0 days, Internet was your information source. The user needed to find the sites they searched. Since Web 2.0 had evolved to be membership sites for specific information one needs, one could join in membership who provide such services.

Under Web 3.0 version, today, ones, used to be users, became "the source of information" in Internet. They can post, distribute, and broadcast your information and opinion. The user is not just a follower. He became a leader in his field in Internet. That is why this version of Internet is defined as "Follow Me". Not only small-scale local companies, but also many individuals hold their own websites or blogs. Internet today enables people to build their business in its environment. Is it not just I believe the most fascinating time of Internet arrived. How would you like to use Internet evolved? How about building your side business? Get your website as attractive possible. Strategize your web traffic so that you can broadcast yourself as much as you can.

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