Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wait Until the Next Morning

Human beings are emotional animals. Reaction of people is different from time to time depending on their mood, even they face the same situation. If one had his argument with his spouse, he would be easy to be upset. If his boss raised his salary last week, he would be happy to do anything. These emotions are out of control. There are some times when we hope to manage emotions to have better analysis of the situation to make a better decision. It is impossible to control emotions. Lousy mood can affect a critical decision-making.

Although we would not be able to fully independent from emotions, there are actions we could use to avoid poor decisions due to unfavorable emotion. Here are 3 suggestions:

1. One should be ready to take his time. Do not make a hastening decision.

2. He should go to church, shrine, or temple depending on your belief.

3. He should wait to make a critical decision until the next morning.

When one is to make a critical decision, he should not make hastening decision. Be ready to take time. Do not listen to others pushing to a hasten decision. This is the most crucial point. Relax and take time.

Any culture of the world shows that their kings, knights, priests, and politicians had their own God and prayed whenever they needed to make a critical decision. They prayed not for getting their decision from their God, but for having purified so that they would not have made any mistake or wrong decision. When one feels purified, his mind is so clear that he could not have made a critical decision. Point is; "Don't pray for asking God to give an answer. Ask your God to help purifying to make a right decision.

As one will hear no God word giving him his desirable decision, the one will obtain His help and guidance when he purifies himself and humbly seek His help to guide him.

Morning has the same effect to human beings as praying for God. Morning makes one feel better and fresh than any other time in a day. In one sense, morning purifies people. He has departed from yesterday's garbage. He has not yet landed on today's chaos. He wakes up, play favorite music, exercise a bit, eat lightly. He is ready to explore, think, and make a decision on difficult issues.

By waiting until the next morning, one can make a decision under clear mind instead of hastening conclusion or decision with disordered thinking.

In this way, there are several methods to avoid hasten conclusion on one's a difficult issue. If you need to make a difficult decision, or you cannot make a decision on something, wait until the next morning.

It was Sunday Morning, 7:30am, when Church Worship Program from my car radio, gave me these advices. If I did not wake up early Sunday, I could not catch these advices. Morning gives advantages to the people who wake up early, this way. The early bird catches the worm.

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